Garden envy in Japan

I’m on a work trip in Japan at the moment, on the island of Okinawa way down off the south coast.

They have one of the longest life expectancies in the world here – 86 years for women and 77 for men. This is put down to their chilled-out lifestyle and healthy cuisine so I came to Emi’s Place to try some of the Okinawan specialities.

These range from seaweed and aloe vera (bit gross) to pickled cucumber (quite nice) and prawns in dill-tempura (lovely).

Emi showing me around her garden
Emi showing me around her garden

Emi really puts my home-growing efforts to shame though. At the back of her house she showed us the dragonfruit, papaya, aubergine, dill, and all kinds of other stuff that she grows.

In my defence, the growing conditions in the tropics do lend themselves more to cultivating crops than the weather in north London has done recently, but I must still applaud her efforts.

I do hope my flatmate’s been remembering to water them…..

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