Feeding time

Plant food

To give them the best possible start in life, I’ve invested in some plant food for my boys out on the balcony.

They’re not looking too healthy at the moment, to be honest. The basil is faring particularly badly. I haven’t watered them all week so that probably hasn’t helped – the weather’s been a bit rubbish so I’ve not been out on the balcony much.

Dead-looking basil

I did, however, eat one of the peppers in a pasta sauce this week – it tasted pretty nice but was about a quarter of the size of a normal pepper so didn’t go far. Most of the other peppers on the plant have begun to shrivel so I’ve had to chuck them out. I now feel guilty of food wastage, but they were in a fairly advanced stage of rot.

The mint is looking marginally more lively than the basil, but my coriander is starting to turn quite yellow. I’m hoping that the plant food will do the trick but I fear it may be too little too late….

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