Springhead Sustainable Living Centre

SpringheadI’ve been at a wedding in the countryside this weekend, at Springhead Sustainable Living Centre in Dorset. It’s a ‘rural centre for creative and sustainable living’ and its gardens are in the list of 1001 gardens you must see before you die, no less.

I’m not usually that into gardens (see other blog posts for attempts to cultivate a herb garden on my balcony) but this one was lovely. I surprised myself with how many plants and flowers I could name – I’ve obviously absorbed some horticultural knowledge from my parents by osmosis over the years.

Failed herb garden on m balconySadly, an increasing appreciation of horticulture has not been matched by an increased ability to care for stuff. This is the current state of my balcony garden. Dead as a doornail.

Back to Homebase next weekend for me then…..

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