Green Britain Day

Green Union JacksToday was officially Green Britain Day – part of a Team Green Britain campaign to make the country greener before the Olympics in 2012.

Energy giant EDF Energy is behind the campaign, and there’s been major controversy because the green Union Jack logo they’ve used is very similar to the one of Ecotricity, a renewable energy supplier. Ecotricity is trying to sue EDF for what it claims is a misleading of consumers.

EDF describes itself as Europe’s “lowest carbon-producing energy company” but it still doesn’t really wash. In fact,the Guardian’s Fred Pearce says:

“one of EDF’s largest arms is EDF Trading, which is based in London and advertises itself as “one of the largest participants in the global coal market……dare I suggest, EDF should join the party and “do something green” itself by committing to getting out of coal. Maybe in time for the London Olympics?”

I feel for Ecotricty – they’ve been investing in renewable energy since 1996 then EDF comes along and rips off its motif in a gimmicky campaign. I hope their legal action is successful and also raises their own profile.

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