Top ten green celebrities

Love it or hate it, celebrity culture is here to stay, so it’s good that some of them are putting their fame and fortune to good use by coming out green. Here are my favourite eco-celebrities.

DiCaprio, Leonardo1. Leonardo Di Caprio

Yes he’s made some insufferable movies, but he’s one of the most active eco-warriors on the celeb circuit. He’s got his own foundation, and is on the board of various organisations like Global Green. He puts most of his time, effort and money into environmental documentaries and films like The 11th Hour now. Maybe spending that much time with a chunk of iceberg in Titanic really hit home the effects of climate change.

2. Stella McCartney

She’s big into animal rights and has also been an enthusiastic backer of the Meat Free Monday campaign which I’ve written about before. Apparently all her workshops and offices are powered by green energy supplier Ecotrocity and she’s working more and more with organic cotton. I know Heather Mills does some similar work on animal rights and veganism but I’m sorry, I can’t stand the woman.

Cameron Diaz on Marie Claire's front cover3. Cameron Diaz

Cameron’s been an eco-goddess for years – she drives an eco-friendly Prius, she recycles, and she helped Al Gore launch his Save Our Souls initiative. She’s been busy this year, appearing on the covers of Vogue and Marie Claire in eco-couture. And I admire her for putting herself up for scrutiny by saying she simply doesn’t want kids. That’s one sure way we can solve the human population explosion.

4. Sting

I’ve always quite fancied Sting and he was one of my earliest eco influences – we watched a video at primary school of him singing Yanomamo about a tribe in Brazil. He and his missus did great work setting up the Rainforest Foundation but he rightfully got some flack recently, regarding the amount of carbon emissions created by Police’s global tour.

Daryl Hannah protests in West Virginia5. Daryl Hannah (aka the mermaid out of Splash)

Daryl has set up an entire website about leading an eco-friendly lifestyle. She was arrested just last week for protesting about the blowing up of mountains by coal companies in West Virginia. Her house is almost entirely solar-powered too.

6. Orlando Bloom

Orlando is heavily involved in Global Green, and last year he went to Antarctica to see evidence of the effects of global warming for himself. He’s built (or still building) an eco house right here in London though I’m yet to work out where…

7. Ed Norton

I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a single Edward Norton film, but this actor has been greening away for years. He set up a scheme called Solar Neighbours to bring solar power to low-income homes in the States.

Matt Damon has just launched water.org8. Matt Damon

Matt has launched a clean water charity,, just this month.  The charity aims to help the 890 million people who don’t have access to clean drinking water. It’s not the first campaign he’s thrown his weight behind – he supported, a campaign against junk mail, too. Matt, we salute you.

9. Gwyneth Paltrow (and Chris Martin)

Husband Chris is very vocal about his strict vegetarianism but Gwyneth wins for her great ethical-living website, with weekly newsletters that she seems to write herself. Recently she’s teamed up with Cameron Diaz in a Hollywood-super-eco-tag team.

10. Michael Jackson

The King Of Pop (RIP) is on the list more because of what he could have been. ‘Earth Song’ was his biggest-selling record in the UK – bigger than Billie Jean and Bad and everything (shocker). I just think it’s a shame he didn’t continue championing environmental issues a bit more during his lifetime as he could have achieved a lot.

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