Green Mobile Phones

The iPhone 3GSI’ve just ordered a new mobile phone – I ended up going for the new iPhone 3GS as I’m a big Mac fan (not to be confused with a Big Mac fan) and wanted a mobile geared up for web access. I thought I’d take a look into how green or otherwise the iPhone is.

Apple was put under lots of pressure by Greenpeace a few years back, and ended up releasing a ‘green Notebook’, made with minimal toxins and with maximum recyclable materials.

However, Greenpeace’s most recent Guide to Greener Electronics still rates Apple quite poorly.

And the iPhone doesn’t feature in lists of ‘green mobiles’, like this recent list on The Daily Green. Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Nokia were in there (including a Motorola made of recycled water bottles) but no sign of Apple.

So it looks like I’ve made a bad decision, from a green point of view. Sigh.

I got a special ‘Simply Drop’ bag through my letter box just a few days ago for mobile phones and old digital cameras, so I can recycle my old handset and give the money to an environmental charity. So I’ll gain some green/brownie points there at least…..

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