Meat Free Mondays – continued

I did ‘Meat Free Monday’ again this Monday (and Tuesday in fact). I wrote about it last Monday and hCowow the idea, supported by Macca et al, has its critics.

I’ve since found an interesting article on Treehugger relating specifically to beef, which says eating beef could actually slow climate change.

Humans produce more methane than cows, the writer maintains, and the grass they graze on sequesters carbon:

“Cattle must be saying, “Stop pointing fingers!  You single-stomached humans are contributing more methane emissions than our digestive systems could ever hope to!”

So eating beef is not bad, he contends, but we need to eat cows which have grazed on grass, and not been fed on grain, as many more intensively-farmed cattle are.

Slaughtering the AmazonRegardless of what the cattle in the Brazilian rainforest are fed on, chopping down the rainforest to make way for them is just plain wrong.

Since last Monday’s post, I’ve come across Greenpeace’s full report, ‘Slaughter of the Amazon’, which you can download by clicking on this image.

It details how the Brazilian cattle trade is also linked to companies such as Adidas and Nike who need cheap leather – something I hadn’t even considered.

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