The Namibian Seal Cull

I tried to find out a little more about the annual Namibian seal cull over the weekend. It was in the headlines last week because two journalists who were trying to film the cull got arrested last week.

I’m ashamed to say I didn’t even realise this seal cull took place in Namibia. In my ignorance, I’d always associated seal culls with cold places like Greenland. But turns out 90,000 fur seals – mainly cubs – are killed off Namibia’s coast each year for meat, skin and fur.

Ironically, the blood bath takes place in a supposed wildlife reserve. The WSPA describes how the seals are killed between 6 and 9am each morning, then coach loads of tourists turn up at 10am to take photos of the ones that are left.

Here’s some footage of the cull from a previous year:

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Environmentalists are trying to convince the Namibian government that there is more profit to be made in bringing tourists to see the seals than there is in butchering them. I’d actually been quite keen on going to Namibia – it’s supposed to be stunning – but the WSPA says not to go there on holiday while this practise continues. It’s off my list for this year then, but if you refuse to holiday in any country involved in some kind of animal slaughter, you quickly run out of places to explore.

I went to Japan earlier this year and, I already knew something about its controversial hunting of whales. But the slaughter of 20,000 dolphins – depicted in the new movie ‘The Cove’, was news to me. Here’s a trailer for the film:

I’ve signed a petition about it – click here to sign it yourself.

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