Meat Free Mondays

Cattle in BrazilThe ‘Meat Free Mondays’ campaign was in the news again recently, as Paul McCartney gave it his backing.

I think it’s a really great campaign – something everyone can achieve with little effort – and I have gone meat-free again today.

The difference that reducing meat consumption can make is staggering. The main factor is deforestation in Brazil for grazing. The Food and Agriculture Council of the United Nations said in 2006 that livestock’s contribution to gaseous emissions and climate change “currently amounts… Continue reading

Calculating My Carbon Footprint

footprintI thought it was about time I calculated my carbon footprint. I have some factors which work in my favour. I don’t have a car, and I take the bus or even jog to work. I also try to be careful with turning appliances off, and our TV is so old-school I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s powered by some kind of dynamo instead of electricity.

There’s a massive range of carbon calculating websites and companies – some are in it for the money and some are not-for-proft… Continue reading

Green Mobile Phones

The iPhone 3GSI’ve just ordered a new mobile phone – I ended up going for the new iPhone 3GS as I’m a big Mac fan (not to be confused with a Big Mac fan) and wanted a mobile geared up for web access. I thought I’d take a look into how green or otherwise the iPhone is.

Apple was put under lots of pressure by Greenpeace a few years back, and ended up releasing a ‘green Notebook’, made with minimal toxins and with… Continue reading

Environmental advertising

Cool environmental ads

I love this round-up of cool environmental ads on Treehugger, which include Fiat’s panda/crash-test-dummy ad, and Surfer’s Against Sewage’s ‘No butts on the beach‘ campaign.

For comedy value, the ‘You Are My Sunshine’ ad by Greenpeace is pretty cool but I find the WWF video from Finland, in which polar bears are homeless in a busy city, the most disturbing… Continue reading | 1 Comment