Vivienne Westwood on climate change – Tonight With Jonathan Ross

Vivienne Westwood on Jonathan RossDid you see Vivienne Westwood’s interview with Jonathan Ross on Friday night? I thought she got the message about climate change across pretty well.

She was draped in seven metres of fabric, fixed with a belt, in line with her ‘DIY’ fashion ethos – using what you have lying around instead of buying lots and lots of disposable clothing. Jonathan said surely she’s doing herself out of business by discouraging buying new clothes.

She said if people bought fewer, then when they do invest, they could afford a really good quality piece (like one of hers).

I can appreciate that logic, but can’t help thinking that spending £585 on a handbag still seems a little morally wrong. If everyone with that kind of disposable income put the money into saving the rainforest instead, think how much that could do.

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