Rotten tomatoes: what to do with food waste?

TomatoesI’ve just commented on William Skidelsky’s column on about food waste.

I try to be careful with my shopping, and am pretty good at cooking big batches and freezing meals for later in the week. But all it takes is for my evening plans to change last minute, and I end up with a fridge full of manky vegetables by the weekend. There’s also all the peelings, tea bags and left-overs that end up in the bin.

Skidelsky’s column prompted me to look at how I might be able to recycle our own food waste.

When I lived in the borough of Islington, I had a small, brown, food waste bin provided by the council but since crossing the border into Hackney, I haven’t had one.

Hackney Council’s recycling website says that blue bins for food waste are available to all street-level properties, but since I’m in a first floor flat I won’t qualify.

The council is apparently trialling the collection of food waste from selected estates and high-rise buildings but we’re not on the list. So I’ve emailed the council to ask what they suggest I can do. I hope traipsing around the housing estates of Hackney to find somewhere to dump my wizened lemons and skanky carrots is not its only suggestion.

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