Soya update: my first milk-free fortnight

I’m now two weeks into my cow’s milk ban, and I’ve done pretty bloody well. Soya yoghurt is not too bad at all, arice and oat milknd Alpro makes a tasty chocolate mousse dessert.

For cereal and porridge, I’ve had to swap from soya milk to rice milk, which is much more drinkable. And I’ve had to allow myself one cup of tea with real milk per morning, as I couldn’t finish a mugful made with either soya or rice milk, and… Continue reading

Packham on pandas – should we save this cuddly icon?

Chris Packham got all kinds of flack for his controversial suggestion this week Save the panda? Chris Packham says don'tthat the giant panda should be allowed to die out naturally and “with a degree of dignity”. The panda is a weak species, he claims, and we should let evolution take its course:

“Here is a species that, of its own accord, has gone down an evolutionary cul-de-sac….unfortunately it’s big and cute and a symbol of the World Wide… Continue reading

Pus and nonsense: just what does cow’s milk contain?

glass of cows' milkEavesdropping on the Tube yesterday, I overheard an alarming fact that made me almost choke on my strawberry yogurt smoothie. A girl was telling her friend how she’d recently given up cows’ milk, after finding out “it’s full of pus and blood and all sorts”.

Hoping she’d made it up, I launched a full-scale Google investigation as soon as I got home. Alas, it does appear to be true – PETA has an entire campaign about it… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Breath of fresh air? Jogging in air-polluted London

Jogging in the cityI ran into the office today. I try to do it a couple of times a week, to save having to traipse to the gym after a long day at work.

Normally I take the bus, which is pretty energy-efficient in its own right. Using the Carbon Tracker on my iPhone, (I won’t get started on my Ode to the iPhone again) I’ve worked out that my journey to work, which is about 4km, generates 0.2kg of CO2… Continue reading

Model mis-behaviour: Naomi Campbell wears real fur again

Naomi Campbell has been up to her old fur-wearing tricks again, with photos just revnaomi campbell in trouble with anti-fur campaigners for wearing real furealed from a photo shoot for Dennis Basso. In the photos, she poses in Basso’s Russian sable coats, which can cost up to $200,000.

Any celebrity wearing real fur will be pounced upon, but Campbell is the most hated of them all for her outrageous hypocrisy: in 1994 she took part… Continue reading | 3 Comments