Honduras: needing tourism more than ever

Honduras protests in capital city TeguisegalpaI’m now back in the Big Smoke after a recent trip to Honduras. It was a brilliant trip, but also quite a sad one. The country has been in the midst of a political crisis since June, and tourism to the country has been decimated as people are afraid to visit.

The UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office is advising against all but essential travel to the country, but from what I saw and… Continue¬†reading

Shell shock: oil company gets tough on sea otter

Shell executive accuses otter of "playing up" his illnessThis spoof story from The Onion is the funniest thing I’ve read in ages…..

“Executives from the Shell Oil Company blasted a floundering, oil-covered sea otter Monday, accusing the small aquatic mammal of grossly exaggerating the effects of last week’s hazardous petroleum spill.

According to Shell president Marvin Odum, the otter has been putting on “quite a show” in front of rescue workers and clean-up crews, and… Continue¬†reading