Big Garden Bird Watch: the results

I’ve finally submitted my results online for last weekend’s Big Garden Birdwatch.
I decided to borrow a friend’s garden in the end, as I’ve never seen a single bird in our courtyard. She also supplied me with tea and chocolate digestives which was nice.

I made a little spread of seeds and over-ripe fruit out on her wall but the birds didn’t exactly flock to it. They need more than 20 minutes notice that the food is out, I imagine.
We were visited by a handful of winged things though – two small brown birds which I identified as wrens, and two which were definitely blackbirds.

A lovely goose flew over too, perhaps from the reservoir in Hackney, but as it didn’t land in the garden I couldn’t count it.
I’m looking forward to hearing the countrywide results in a couple of weeks.
Inspired by the BGBW, I invested in a seed-and-lard feeder which I put out on our balcony last Sunday….it hasn’t had any visitors yet to my knowledge but hopefully word will get out soon. I’m also wondering about investing in a pair of binoculars as it really was a nightmare trying to identify the few birds I did see…

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