Born Free Foundation debate: my thoughts on animals in captivity

I went to a thought-provoking Born Free Foundation panel session at the Royal Geographical Society last week, on the difficult subject of animals in tourism.

Virginia McKenna said she doesn’t believe any animals should ever be kept in captivity – including zoos, dolphinaria, circuses and animals forced to pose for tourists’ photos.

I firmly agree with her. Seeing animals in cages or being made to perform tricks breaks my heart (see my blog on the monkeys I saw in Marrakech). And I know from my own experience that seeing a lion in a cage in the zoo… Continue reading

A fresh start: newly-planted lettuces on the balcony

I went for my first jog around the park in month on Sunday: the sun was shining, there were heaps of crocuses coming up, and a general feeling that winter might NOT be everlasting was in the air.

Inspired by this, I decided it was time to revisit my balcony vegetable garden which, despite an enthusiastic launch last May, withered and died shortly after.
I had been trying to cultivate basil, coriander, mint and red peppers but on reflection this was perhaps… Continue reading