National Forest encourages holidaymakers to ‘go green’

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TLodges at Rosliston Forestry Centre. Photo: Christopher Beechhe National Forest has launched a new visitors’ website with a focus on ‘going green’.

The site emphasises eco-friendly attractions and places to stay within the forest, and encourages visitors to use public transport and explore by bike or on foot rather than driving.

The National Forest covers an area of 200 square miles in Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire, and 7.7 million trees have already been… Continue reading

Animal good guys and bad guys…

elephants can actually harm the environmentI enjoyed this piece on Mother Nature Network which listed 10 animals that are bad for the environment…

I knew about the impact elephants can have, tearing down vegetation.

I’ve read about the impact of cattle and invasive species like cane toads and crown-of-thorns starfish too.

But it was news to me that the common carp is also a bad guy! Apparently they uproot vegetation and can majorly affect their environment. They… Continue reading

National Ferry Fortnight/ travel in the Channel Islands

[this blog first appeared on greentraveller]

Taking the Condor Ferry to the Channel Islands. Photo: Philippa JacksSurvey results released this week as part of National Ferry Fortnight (organised by the Passenger Shipping Association) reveal why passengers choose to travel by ferry instead of flying.

The convenience of taking their own car came out top, with 55% saying this was an important factor. The lack of luggage restrictions (i.e. the convenience of piling your car high… Continue reading

Ian McEwan’s ‘Solar’: a quick review

Solar by Ian McEwanIt’s not often I shell out £18.99 on a brand new hardback. I much prefer browsing through the second-hand book stores near my flat. It saves trees, saves money, and the lady at the cat sanctuary bookshop will even put specific books to one side and call you to let you know they’ve come in.

But a novel on global warming, by one of my all-time favourite authors, was too exciting to wait for in softback.

I was… Continue reading