In today’s delivery of farm fresh deliciousness…

Box of fresh veg and produce from Farm Direct

I’ve just received my next box from Farm Direct and it’s another corker. Some of the new products I’m trying:

–  Free range eggs from James Murdoch’s Duck Lane Farm in Cardington, Bedfordshire

–  An amazing walnut and apricot loaf from Matt Jones’ Flour Power City Bakery in Surrey Quays

–  Red, green and yellow peppers from Ted’s Veg Farm in Bennington, Lincolnshire. Hurrah for these being in season in the UK now. I had been buying them from Sainsbury’s I’m afraid

– Garlic, also from Ted’s Veg

–  Rainbow chard from Martin Mackey Ripple Farm Organics in Canterbury (I admit I have no idea what I’m going to do with this yet but in the photo it just looks so pretty)

I’ve already made a tasty breakfast of onion omelette on walnut bread. And lo, the hangover is gone!

onion omelette on walnut and apricot toast

2 thoughts on “In today’s delivery of farm fresh deliciousness…”

  1. Ooh, I love swiss chard…. you have to cook the stems first (as they take longer) and then chuck the leaves in towards the end. Do them with a bit of your garlic, and then once it’s cooked you can bung in what’s left of your eggs and make an amazing frittata. Save me a slice?? xx

  2. That sounds amazing! I did have a go last night, before I saw your advice, and steamed the whole leaves together. Needless to say the stems were very tough….Will try it your way tomorrow! xx

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