When is an fritatta an omelette?

Fring swiss chard with a little garlicLast weekend, I was perturbed as to how exactly I could use the Swiss Rainbow Chard that I’d ordered in my Farm Direct box.

Following a helpful suggestion from Mr James Litston, I have this lunch-time pan-fried it with a little garlic until it softened (I cheated and sliced the tough stalky bits out).

Then I added two of my free range eggs from James Murdoch’s Duck Lane Farm, some salt and pepper, and cooked gently until firm.

A frittata made with swiss chardThe result was absolutely delicious but did look rather flat.

Which begs the question, when does a frittata become an omelette?

2 thoughts on “When is an fritatta an omelette?”

  1. Pipster! This is why I need to get my text a chef business started 🙂 A frittata is finished in the oven whereas an omelette is only cooked on the hob. They’re also not served folded like an omelette as they’re chunked up with pieces of vegetable, cheese and meat.
    Therefore I’d call your lovely lunch an omelette, but that’s in no way to belittle it – I think less is more when it comes greens and garlic… can you invite me round next time?! x

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