Goldie lookin’ chain: Bicycle Bling in Herne Hill

I went to Herne Hill’s street market this morning and stumbled across a Bling Ya Bike stall, offering to fix bikes free of charge, and even give bikes, scooters and pushchairs a facelift with a spray-job.

I took along my old purple bike (which I’ve had since I was 13, so is not the coolest wheels in the hood) to see what bling they would suggest.

A team of pleasant young chaps turned into this much more glamorous golden chariot for me:








Bling Ya Bike is a community scheme set up in Brixton to get young people and other community members involved in cycling, and to teach the skill of bicycle maintenance. I asked the project’s co-ordinator Lamont’e Johnson to explain a bit more about  the project – click the link to watch the movie:
Lamont’e Johnson – Bling Ya Bike


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