Exploring enigmatic Dominica 

Birdwatching with Dr Birdy in DominicaThe 20-seater aircraft shakes us like dice in a cup as we approach the island. We’ve been struggling through thick fog for 15 minutes when the mist dissolves to reveal rugged green peaks soaring out of the sea, like a mysterious Jurassic Park-style lost world. 

“Welcome to the Nature Island,” the flight attendant chimes as we rattle towards the landing strip. With peaks up to 1,400 metres above sea level, Dominica is one of the most mountainous islands in the Caribbean, earning… Continue reading

A hike to Dominica’s Boiling Lake

Dominica's Valley of Desolation
Climbing up through the Valley of Desolation

My blog about Dominica’s Boiling Lake hike on the Nat Geo Traveller website:

Marcel is careful to manage my expectations from the start.

“The first part is the easiest,” he calls over his shoulder, as he bounds up the rocky trail ahead of me. “It’s the Valley of Desolation that you’ve got to worry about.”

Half an hour into the trek, the rain-slicked steps have become so steep that I’m more climbing than walking… Continue reading