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  1. I believe that it is not fair to mention sponsors of the wonderful fish sanctuary in Bluefields Bay without mentioning that Bluefields Bay Villas has also been a large financial supporter. We have funded the patrols since the programs inception. We would like to be included in being mentioned. Wolde can confirm our active role in this project.

  2. Hi Andrew
    I certainly didn’t omit you intentionally – it’s just that I was with representatives of the other three organisations when I visited Bluefields Bay last week! I’ve added a mention of Bluefields Bay Villas into my blog post. Thanks for getting in touch – I wish the project every success.

  3. Hi Philippa,

    Took the liberty to send you a message via your blog. Hope this is okay.

    I see that you both cover volunteering on Greentraveller and your own site here.

    I was wondering if you would consider covering ActionAid’s First Hand Experiences, which is an active volunteering holiday. ActionAid used to take participants on treks such as walking along the Great Wall of China, but we found that the one day of visiting an ActionAid project was by far the most rewarding part of the trip. We now offer people wanting a holiday with a difference to take part in our First Hand Experiences – trips where participants get stuck in working with the local community. For instance, in Nepal participants sign up to help former slaves build their own homes. As well as the moral rewards and exotic setting away from mass tourism it is an active vacation, as participants work alongside the Kamaiya people bricklaying. Unbelievably, the former slaves, some
    39,000, were released in 2000 from a centuries-old bonded labour system and given plots of land from the government, but no other help to kick-start their news lives in freedom. It was not unusual for the bonded labourers to toil for 19 hours a day with insufficient food for themselves and their families.
    We also have a trip to India coming up in November that gives participants a mixed view of India by first taking on a trip in the Himalayas followed by the very difference experience of renovating a shelter for homeless adults and street kids in Delhi.

    Let me know your thoughts



  4. Hi Therese, thanks for getting in touch – the First Hand Experiences sound fantastic. Do you have any further info you can send me? There aren’t many other charities offering holidays of this nature, are there? For greentraveller, we do focus on non-flying holidays which makes it tricker to cover this there (unless volunteers have travelled by rail?). I’m on philippa AT

  5. Hi Pippa,

    I hope you’re well and so sorry to bother you.

    James Davies here from Clive Bull on LBC.

    Clive just wondered if there’s any possibility you could come into the studio on Sunday for the Travel Hour please?

    So sorry for such short notice.

    Hope to speak soon.

    Kindest regards,


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