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Fledging wrens, canoeing & my new favourite bird at Martin Mere WWT centre

Grey crowned crane

Lucky to see four wren chicks fledge the nest at WWT’s Martin Mere reserve today, as well as falling in love with a Grey-crowned crane in the exotic collection, enjoying a paddle about in a canoe and spotting lots of waders and garden-birds around the reserve…

Grey-crowned crane

Red-breasted geese:

Red-breasted goose

Short-clawed Asian otters… Continue reading

Hatching a plan: blue tits on birdbox-cam after five years!

Bluetits in nesting boxFive years ago I bought my mum and dad a bird-box with an infrared video camera inside for Christmas. Hopes were high that very first Spring, as they installed the box on a tall wooden post in the back garden and hooked the camera up to their TV. They’d turn expectantly to the bird-cam channel every day, but could never see so much as a feather inside.

Three years ago they moved it to the wall of the house, in the back garden… Continue reading

Book Review: Wild Sri Lanka, by Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne

Wild Sri LankaTo readers unfamiliar with Sri Lankan wildlife, the claims Gehan sets out in the introductory chapter to Wild Sri Lanka might seem fantastical. One of the best whale-watching destinations in the world? The largest annually occurring concentration of elephants in the world? The largest “bird wave” phenomenon in the world? It seems hard to believe, of an island roughly the size of Tasmania or Ireland.

But by presenting data he has gathered over many years, and sharing personal accounts of

33 birds I photographed in Sri Lanka (and another 22 I didn’t)

Yala Crested hawk eagle 440 wide

On my recent trip to Sri Lanka, birdwatching was slotted in around interviews, hotel inspections, and hours and hours on the road. I did get chance to go on a proper birding walk at Rainforest Eco Lodge in Sinharaja and Hotel Sigiriya though, and saw lots of birds on safari in Yala and hiking in the Knuckles. All in all, I clocked up at least 55 species (that’s just the ones I noted down) and managed… Continue reading

Herons in Battersea Park: an RSPB Date With Nature

Battersea herons
Last weekend I braved the freezing cold to help out at the RSPB’s Date With Nature in Battersea Park. I used to run through the park frequently when training for a marathon last year but, like many of the joggers and strollers in the park, I rarely used to look up and see what was in the trees. Which is a real shame, since there is a thriving heronry of 20-30 herons nests sitting 30 metres off the… Continue reading

Work harder/drink lager: birding in South Africa

white fronted bee-eater, Kruger National Park
White-fronted Bee-eater

Leading on from my first blog on South Africa, here are the birding highlights of my recent trip with Eco Training. The Mukaleke concession has some of the best bird life in the whole Kruger National Park, and I was lucky enough to see and learn about all of the following (click each image for a larger pic):

Blacksmith Lapwing – which makes a noise like the… Continue reading