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Eco-friendly food trends: organic, local, or biodynamic?

Claus Christensen, owner of Doep organc hot-dog stand in CopenhagenI’ve just got back from a fascinating trip to Copenhagen – it was my first visit to the city and I was blown away by the commitment the city and its residents have made to sustainability. I visited several fantastic organic restaurants, including BioMio, where menus emphasise the immune-boosting, energy-boosting or libido-boosting properties of every dish, and even an organic hot-dog stand, Doep.

It was intriguing to compare the terms and concepts we use to… Continue reading

Chelsea Flower Show – meeting James Wong and my favourite gardens

Tourism Malaysia's winning garden at Chelsea Flower ShowI went to Chelsea Flower Show for the first time last week and, considering how little I know about plants and flowers (see earlier failed attempts to cultivate herbs on my balcony), I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I was a guest of the Malaysia Tourist Board, which won Gold for its rainforest-inspired garden, designed by James Wong (off the Grow Your Own Drugs programme on TV).

The garden was really beautiful… Continue reading

Animal good guys and bad guys…

elephants can actually harm the environmentI enjoyed this piece on Mother Nature Network which listed 10 animals that are bad for the environment…

I knew about the impact elephants can have, tearing down vegetation.

I’ve read about the impact of cattle and invasive species like cane toads and crown-of-thorns starfish too.

But it was news to me that the common carp is also a bad guy! Apparently they uproot vegetation and can majorly affect their environment. They… Continue reading

Quashing the climate sceptics…with an iPhone app

Skeptical Science - an awesome iPhone app!I’ve blogged it before and I’ll blog it again: I love a good environmental iPhone app , so I was interested to read Adam Vaughan’s Top 10 list on the Guardian site last week.

There are several wildlife-identifying ones which might have come in handy on my Big Garden Birdwatch a few weeks back. There’s one called Pollution which tells you how badly the air around you right now is polluted. Adam also recommends GoodGuide – a buyer’s… Continue reading

A fascinating presentation by SeaWeb – “the ocean’s PR agency”

I attended a brilliant series of lectures last weekend, as part of Biosphere Expeditions’ 10th anniversary celebrations. Biosphere Expeditions is a conservation organisation which runs scientific research projects on which lay people can volunteer.

In the afternoon, we heard about big cat conservation Tessa McGregor, who heads up Biosphere’s snow leopard project in the stunning Altai Mountains of Central Asia. We also heard from Chris Gerrard of the Wildlife Trust who set up the Great Fen Project in Cambridgeshire (see my… Continue reading

Art with heart: underwater sculptures help Cancun’s damaged coral

I was pleased to hear that Cancun has devised an underwater museum as a new tourist attraction.Jason de Caires Taylor's new underwater museum in Cancun Not because I thought the world necessarily needed an underwater museum (more on that later) but because this is good news for the threatened coral reefs in the Cancun area.

The massive expansion of tourism over the last 40 years has led to the rapid decline in the quality of the… Continue reading

NatureAir: expansion for the world’s first carbon-neutral airline

I had a fascinating meeting at WTM yesterday with NatureAir, the world’s first (and only) carbon NatureAir - the world's first carbon-neutral airlineneutral airline.

It’s going through an exciting period right now. It’s hoping to sign codeshare agreements with international players like Continental Airlines, Copa, Mexicana and Iberia in the near future.

This means passengers won’t have to check their luggage back in at Costa Rica’s San Jose airport before they fly onto their final destination with… Continue reading | 1 Comment

Croaking it: the global decline of frog populations

Red-eyed tree frogFrogs are one of my all-time favourite creatures. They’re right up there with cats, primates, whales and the slow loris for me. So I was quite concerned to read how human consumption of frogs is having a devastating effect on populations around the world; up to a billion frogs a year are taken from the wild for us to eat.

I suppose I’d presumed that frog-eating nations (for it’s not just the French – America buys almost as many) had… Continue reading

Turbulent times: sit-in on the Isle of Wight comes to an end

I’ve been following the sit-in protests at the Vestas factory on the Isle of Wight over the past few weeks. Not least because I’m heading to the Isle of Wight for Bestival on 10 September, and if it pisses it down, joining the protesters inside the factory may have meant a welcome rain shelter.

The story today is that the sitters-in have now left the turbine blade factory, after bailiffs obtained authorisation to enter and chuck them out.

I had not realised that, until almost exactly one year ago, Vestas had a blade factory in Campbeltown, Scotland… Continue reading