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Green hotels: Green Globe certificates in the Caribbean

I was out in the Caribbean last week at CHTA Marketplace, an annual trade expo for Caribbean tourism, and attended a press conference by Green Globe – one of a burgeoning number of eco-certifying bodies for the tourism sector.

CEO Guido Bauer revealed the difference that a Green Globe certificate can make to a hotel’s bottom line: having the certificate lets hotels increase their room rates by 3-7%, reduces their operating costs by 3-11%, and adds 1-3% to the property’s value.

It’s great that they have proof of the financial benefit – in a cash-strapped economy like… Continue reading

Plastic planet: one triumph and one tragedy

I’ve just been readinA plastic bag in the Red Seag an update on efforts in Egypt to make the Red Sea the first plastic bag-free zone in the country.

Discarded plastic bags were causing the deaths of birds, turtles, dolphins and other marine creatures which swallowed or became entangled in the rubbish blown out to sea. I’ve dived the Red Sea a couple of times and been disappointed to see litter – it really makes your heart sink… Continue reading

Green applications for the iPhone

iPhone app for beer drinkingI have fallen well and truly in love with my new iPhone. There is an application for everything. Some, like the beer-drinking app, are just silly, but there are others which are a godsend. The public toilet locator, for example. Ingenious! So I thought I’d check out whether there are any useful eco-related applications on the market.

It seems that there are loads of good ones in the States already. An app like 3rdWhale, which… Continue reading

Rotten tomatoes: what to do with food waste?

TomatoesI’ve just commented on William Skidelsky’s column on guardian.co.uk about food waste.

I try to be careful with my shopping, and am pretty good at cooking big batches and freezing meals for later in the week. But all it takes is for my evening plans to change last minute, and I end up with a fridge full of manky vegetables by the weekend. There’s also all the peelings, tea bags and left-overs that end up in the bin.

Skidelsky’s column prompted me to look at how… Continue reading

Calculating My Carbon Footprint

footprintI thought it was about time I calculated my carbon footprint. I have some factors which work in my favour. I don’t have a car, and I take the bus or even jog to work. I also try to be careful with turning appliances off, and our TV is so old-school I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s powered by some kind of dynamo instead of electricity.

There’s a massive range of carbon calculating websites and companies – some are in it for the money and some are not-for-proft… Continue reading

Green Mobile Phones

The iPhone 3GSI’ve just ordered a new mobile phone – I ended up going for the new iPhone 3GS as I’m a big Mac fan (not to be confused with a Big Mac fan) and wanted a mobile geared up for web access. I thought I’d take a look into how green or otherwise the iPhone is.

Apple was put under lots of pressure by Greenpeace a few years back, and ended up releasing a ‘green Notebook’, made with minimal toxins and with… Continue reading

National Recycling Week

It’s National Recycling Week this week so I’m going to make a special effort. I do try to recycle wherever possible but some stuff does slip through the net.Recycling facilities outside my flat

These are the recycling facilities provided outside my block of flats – nice and handy.

As you can see, there’s a fair bit you can recycle here, but there’s also lots you can’t. Excluded are: yoghurt pots, cling film, margerine tubs, broken glass, food packaging, window glass, Pyrex, lightbulbs, Tetra Paks, and… Continue reading