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I’ve regularly appeared on TV and radio as a travel expert, including BBC Breakfast TV, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Merseyside, LBC Radio, ITV Yorkshire, BBC World News and BBC Points West – clips below.

I appeared on BBC Breakfast on June 26, 2017, giving tips on how to minimise or avoid charges and fees when you use your credit or debit card on holiday overseas.


LBC Radio, “The Travel Hour with Gatwick Express” – I joined travel agent John Warrington and presenter Clive Bull to co-host an hour-long travel phone-in on July 31, 2016. Listen to the podcast here.

Radio 4’s You & Yours programme, November 17, 2016. I gave advice to holidaymakers travelling to India in the wake of the government removing certain bank notes from circulation. Listen to the clip on iPlayer here.

Radio 4’s You & Yours programme, October 25, 2016. I joined a phone-in debate about airport expansion at Heathrow vs Gatwick. Listen to the show on iPlayer here.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 11.41.30ITV Yorkshire, 22 July, 2016. I talked about growth in domestic tourism post-Brexit, and how to make your holiday money stretch further this summer. Watch here on Youtube.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 11.42.46BBC Points West, 27 May 2016.  I talked about the possible implications of Brexit on UK holidaymakers. Watch here from 50 seconds in.

I interviewed my co-host, comedian John Bishop, ahead of the TTG Travel Awards in September 2016.  The clip’s on Youtube here

Radio 4’s You & Yours programme, August 30, 2016. I joined a phone-in show about how terrorism has affected tourism to destinations such as Tunisia. Listen to the show on iPlayer here.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 11.51.22

BBC Radio Merseyside, 24 May 2016. I talked about the struggling tourism industry in Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia, and where holidaymakers are going instead. Listen on iPlayer here from 6m12s.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 11.53.13BBC World News, Business Edition, 5 April 2013
I talked about the impact and different demands of emerging market tourists (eg China) in European destinations.

BBC Radio WM Adrian Goldberg programme, 25 Febr, 2014 [from 1:21:15]
Topic: prices of holidays in the peak season – are children “entitled” to an overseas holiday?

SinglesholsRadio 4’s You & Yours, January 9, 2014 [from 24:10]

Topic: growth in the singles holidays market – including for those who are actually married

Jan 3 Holidays 2014Radio 4’s You & Yours, January 2, 2014 [from 16:01]

Topic: holiday hotspots and bargains for 2014


Booking seats on flights
You & Yours, July 25, 2013

Topic: when is it worth paying to prebook your seat on a flight?


easyJet  You & Yours June 28, 2013

Topic: easyJet’s new hand-luggage restrictions, and other baggage rules


You & Yours 19 April 2013 You & Yours, April 19, 2013

Topic: How tourism in Cyprus is faring, post-banking crisis, and why this could be the best time to visit


You & Yours 28 Feb 2013You & Yours, February 28, 2013

Topic: The ethics of volunteering holidays overseas – what to look for when choosing a voluntourism company


You & Yours Dec 20You & Yours, December 20, 2012

Topic: The surging popularity of Burma as a holiday destination – and the ethics of visiting a country with such a terrible human rights record



You & Yours 6 Dec 2012

You & Yours, December 6, 2012

Topic: The growing popularity of rail holidays – where to go, and the benefits of rail travel over flying


You&Yours Nov 9 2012
You & Yours, November 9, 2012

Topic: Impact of Hurricane Sandy on Jamaica and the wider Caribbean, and why Jamaica needs tourists more now than ever


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